Monday, March 22, 2010

My first big order!

I am over the moon! My first order has been taken, completed and delivered! Mama's Hip is now carrying my handmade items by Julep Mama! The amazing natural and attachment parenting store is carrying my chalk pay mats, pillowcase dresses, soft toy tag blocks, as well as matching diaper changing pads, wipes cases and burp cloths. Here are some pictures!

I am so excited to have my items at such a great store! You can go there to purchase these items or order them custom, directly from me on my etsy site:!
Be on the lookout for future items! I am researching a boy romper and upcycled wool baby shoes!

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  1. Kim - on Money Saving Mama you asked for a great place to find a cheaper BABY CRIB MATTRESS? It is ridiculous what they charge now. I have purchased foam - straight from the "foam" place and you can order it whatever size, whatever thickness and however firm you wish for it to be. Once you put your protective pads and covers and sheets on it - it's better than store bought. We live in Tennessee and there is a foam factory in MILAN (north of Jackson). I LOVE it. The plastic encasement on my grandson's store bought mattress caused him to sweat. With the foam, he doesn't have that problem any more. Good luck! Denise